Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Job?

So, I was given a "tip" that Anthony's Mom's husband is in charge of hiring 600 new people at Hanford, they were just given a 1 million dollar bailout that is supposed to go to maing new jobs. For those of you who don't know, Hanford is down in Tri-Cities and is run by the government. It's a nuclear waste site... something like that. Anyways, the job I am looking at starts at $60,000 a year not to mention benefits, retirement, 401k and things along those lines. That is most certainly nothing to scoff at. In fact, it really intrigues me. I could help provide our family with what we need AND what we WANT. The drawback.... to move down there and take this job means giving up staying at home. Not that I was staying at home anyways (starting school and then working later). However, with a nursing job, I could leave when it was time to have another child, stay home for a year again then easily find a new job. Working at Hanford... I'm pretty sure my job wouldn't still be around if I wanted to take a year off. It seems that Anthony is happy with just one child (for now anyways). What happened to him wanting 5? I mean, I really only wanted 2, maybe 3. Either way, none of those numbers are ONE!

Now I feel stuck. Do I apply for the job and the opportunity to make things better for my family? Or do I act selfish and do what makes me happy? AAHHH!

One more plus to the job... living in Tri Cities means Anthony's family is there. Which means we would have family around. People to visit with, a sense of "family" and of course... maybe a sitter every once in ahile for a night out.

Oh boy, I feel stuck.


Natalie said...

Sounds like an awesome opportunity...where can I sign up? I actually love the Tri-Cities area...but my opinion is that you need to do what makes you's not worth going to a job that you don't like, just for the pay! :) Just my 2 cents! :)

Domrese Family Blog said...

I say apply and see what happens. Dan and I have taken that approach many times since having kids and it's really paid off. What if the job isn't what you want or expect? Then you won't feel like you've missed an opportunity. It can't hurt to apply, you can always make the big decision later and see what conversations you have in the meantime.

The Butterfields said...

I agree, it doesn't hurt to apply. However, if you value staying home with them, you have to remember that they're only little ONE time and thats worth any sacrifice. If you want to work, then this might work out really well. BUT you have to remember that YOU have to go to work every single day and do this job. Jay and I talk about this all the time, since he ONLY ever wants to fly, but has a degree in engineering. I joke that its best for my marriage that he gets to fly, but its probably true. If Daddy's happy, the family is happier too. Just my thoughts.

From Me to You said...

Thanks for the comments! I love my new hair! But miss it being long once again lol..