Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm Terrible

At keeping up my blogs!!!! Sorry guys :( I thought I would share how excited I am about school though! I start Monday and will be one step closer to being a medical assistant! WooHoo! I have been waiting and waiting for my financial aid to come. I have had plans with my left over money for awhile now. Getting our cat declawed, taking family photos, not to mention buying my books for school and paying Aidan's daycare. I was so stressed about whether or not it would come before school, guess that's all figured out now. YAY!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Blog

Ya, I know, I'm terrible at keeping these ones up, why would I start another... well, go read my first post and find out!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I am into bargain hunting... big time! Every once in awhile I find some good stuff I can actually use. Well, today my friend Kim has been putting stuff for FREE on a pretty cool site! Anyways, not knowing it, I was responding to all of this neat stuff she had. Well, I quickly figured out it was her and gave her a call. Too bad I missed out on a few things but what a great friend for setting aside what I wanted! She's probably tired of me sending her emails today saying "oooohhh, I want that" but hey, I enjoy this bargain hunting way too much to not take first dibs on things from someone I actually know! Which means, I know where it's been, which is kind of nice! I can't wait to meet up and grab the stuff from her (and let our kids play of course). Now if only I could decide what to get rid of in my house to make room for more "junk" (as Anthony calls it). This way, I won't end up on his s*** list for bringing more "junk" into the house! HEHE!

"One mans trash is another mans treasure"

Ecstatic... and frustrated!

I know it's been forever since I blogged but I thought I would take a moment to share my joy with everyone. Mostly, Anthony's job....

This is Anthony's third season with his employer. For the last two seasons their current forman has said he is leaving at the end of the season. Well, this year, they really thought it was going to happen. Anthony has worked so hard on learning eveything possible at work, taking the lead with things and working on himself in general to prove that he was fit for the job. Almost a month ago his boss had a chat with him telling him that if he would work on his customer relations, and relationship with his coworkers the job was his. A week or so after that he got a dollar an hour pay raise.... that's quit a raise for him.

Well, last week, the forman informed everyone he wasn't leaving. Anthony didn't take it to well and was pretty upset. He felt like he had put all that work in for nothing. After explaining to him that someday his turn will come he felt a little better. Well, last week, Anthony got another dollar an hour raise. Yup, that's two dollars in a month! Very exciting for us. On top of it, there's some word that Anthony might be going salaried next year, getting paid holidays and paid vacation.

What a big step! Like I told him, his work wasn't for nothing. And forman position aside, everything is going well for him! I am so proud of where he's come in these 2 and a half years! (this is the point where he says "thanks mom"... LOL... do I really sound like his mom?)

On another note, I am getting very frustrated with my school. I turned in my financial aid paperwork in MAY, before the June 16th deadline. Well, school starts on September 21 and I have yet to hear from them. I am able to check my status online and it simply says "all required documents have been received" as opposed to "an award letter was sent on _______". UGH! Last quarter my letter was sent a month an a half before school started. So, I've tried calling. There message states that because they have been very busy, the whole month of August and 1st week of September they are only available in person for GENERAL questions and to drop paperwork off. It also says that if you haven't received any word from them by September 4th to call them them and they will be available on the 7th and that if you didn't make the June 16th deadline, please pay your tuition by September 9th. HELLO!!! September 7th is a holiday, which means I only have the 8th to call (and actually get ahold of someone) and then drop my classes if my financial aid isn't coming through. I can in no way shape or form afford tuition, books and childcare for the next quarter without my financial aid!!!!!!! UGH!!!