Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I am into bargain hunting... big time! Every once in awhile I find some good stuff I can actually use. Well, today my friend Kim has been putting stuff for FREE on a pretty cool site! Anyways, not knowing it, I was responding to all of this neat stuff she had. Well, I quickly figured out it was her and gave her a call. Too bad I missed out on a few things but what a great friend for setting aside what I wanted! She's probably tired of me sending her emails today saying "oooohhh, I want that" but hey, I enjoy this bargain hunting way too much to not take first dibs on things from someone I actually know! Which means, I know where it's been, which is kind of nice! I can't wait to meet up and grab the stuff from her (and let our kids play of course). Now if only I could decide what to get rid of in my house to make room for more "junk" (as Anthony calls it). This way, I won't end up on his s*** list for bringing more "junk" into the house! HEHE!

"One mans trash is another mans treasure"

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Kim said...

Psssssh, no way am I tired of you sending me emails with what you want! It guarantees me that someone is taking this stuff! Plus I know it will actually be used! Besides then that means I don't have to actually meet up with a whole bunch of crazies!