Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Job

I got a job today! I actually interviewed a couple weeks ago and was oltd I didn't have the job. Well, today she called and said things fell through with her other hire and asked if I could start Monday! The job is as the assistant teacher at her home preschool. I will be working from 6:30 to noon. This will be quite the schedule change for Aidan and I. A mom from our Mommy and Me group will be taking care of Aidan until Thanksgiving when Anthony will be laid off. I'm so worried about leaving Aidan. I know he will be in great hands but I can't believe I am leaving my baby for 25 hours a week!!!! I don't know how I will be able to deal with this. This is hard because Anthony doesn't seem to understand. OMGoodness!


I am feeling a little singled out. We now have three males in our house: Anthony, Aidan and Kitty! I got the cutest photo of them all playing on the floor last night. Kitty seems to be adjusting well. I wanted to wring his neck this morning when he decided to climb my back while I was sitting on the floor. I forgot how sharp kitty claws can be! Both Kitty and Aidan are very fascinated by eachother. Aidan likes to watch Kitty creep towards him and as soon as Kitty gets close enough, Aidan grabs for him and he runs off. It's CUTE! We're going to pick up his vaccines this weekend so he is up-to-date on his shots. On the 19th we are having him fixed... then we will be all set! We also need to go get a scratching post. Kitty likes using our ottoman right now and I'm afraid he will soon like my new couch!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My First Time

So, Anthony usually just buzzes his hair... down to the scalp. I have been wanting him to get a haircut, a normal haircut. Tonight I did it myself! It looks pretty good for a first time. He also shaved his face, completely. This is the second time in over a year and a half he has been without his goatee! He looks like a completely new man!

New Addition

We have a new addition to the family... a kitten! We adopted our little guy today. He's 8 weeks old and feisty! We decided to name him Kitty. We figured since we keep refering to him as Kitty with Aidan that we may as well name him that. He is so adorable! I haven't had a kitten since I was about 11. Anthony just adores cats. Aidan is loving him too. He is so fascinated by him. He got close enough for Aidan to grab on for a pitcure! I'm wondering if watching Kitty get around will encourage Aidan to crawl. We will see. I'm just so excited. He followed me all around the kitchen tonight while I was making dinner. You can see that he's pooped from running around his new home!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

We Feel Icky!

So, I made chicken nuggets last night for dinner. Shortly afterwards I felt nauseous. I laid in bed for 3 hours before vomiting and realizing I had a temp of 102. So, It's now nearly 1 am and I finally fall asleep. 4 o'clock rolls around and Anthony runs out the room... now he's vomiting with a 101 temp. 5:45 now and he calls his boss to tell him he won't be in. Back to the bathroom for both of us for another puke session... YUCK!!! I called poison control... he said it does sound like food poisoning. GREAT! I think we've pretty much ruled out stomach flu because a) nobody we know is sick b) Aidan isn't sick and c) we both got sick within hours of each other. We both still feel terrible. I still have a fever of 102.1 and Anthony is asleep. I feel so icky! To top it all off, I want some sleep too, but Aidan Baidan is being stubborn and won't take a nap right now!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Future Travels

So, we have finalized our plans for Thanksgiving and will be visiting my mom. As much as I enjoy the holidays planning them becomes stressful. Anthony and I have no family in town which makes it difficult. I am a firm believer that holidays should be spent with family. Granted, we now have a family of our own but I still enjoy the holidays with our other family members. So, Thanksgiving at my mom's, and we might be spending Christmas in the Tri-Cities with Anthony's family... hopefully we will be in California come the end of February to see my family there too. It just gets so expensive to travel. To fly to my mother's we are spending $140 because we split the bill with her, to Tri-Cities we will be spending roughly $120 and to go to California we will spend about $464. OMGoodness, It is just so expensive to travel. We have no option though. It is hard for our families to make it out here to see us, so if we want to see them we have to suck it up.

WOW, I feel better after venting!

Monday, September 22, 2008


So, I took Aidan for his pictures this morning! They turned out great, it was hard to choose. I went of all places, to Wal-Mart. They are having a great deal until November... 30 photos for $4.99! The only issue we had with them was that they have these "rules" they have to follow about the number of poses and not taking any similar poses in the same session and so on. It was a little frustrating but how can I argue with a price of 4.99? They are cheaper then our little package at Sears for 9.99! You can go in for a special deal only every 30 days so I think we will go back next month to take some fall themed pictures. We took a few today but I liked his rubber ducky pictures better. So, keep your eye out for our new pictures in a couple of weeks!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Long Weekend

Ew, it's raining today. I feel like I live in Seattle again! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the rain but I dislike the way the bottom of my pants are wet all day and how everytime we get in the car the windows fog up. Most of all, I dislike the awful drivers on the road when it's raining!

Aidan is getting bigger and bigger every day. Tomorrow he is going to be 6 months old. I can't believe my baby is half a year old! He seemed to reach so many milestones so fast and all of a sudden he's stopped. He's scooting around though and I figured just a few weeks until he was crawling but nothing yet. He prefers to roll as his mode of transportation. He eats alot these days. A couple tablespoons of cereal with a stage 2 jar of food! He also enjoys his sippy cups. Although I have learned to just put water in them. If I try to give him his formula in it he gets frustrated that he can't just chow down because he's not coordinated well enough to keep it in his mouth until it's gone.

Anthony worked yesterday but took today off so he could go to church. We have had the missionaries at our house like twice a week for the last couple of weeks. This got Anthony in the mood to go to church. I don't think he wants me to go with him because he knows I don't really want to go. I have tried asking him to go to this church out by us. It's a large christian church, very up-beat service, lots of extra curricular type activities, a nursery for Aidan. We'll see how that goes... I'll keep you updated!

That's all for now, I'm going to continue to work on this blog thing and figure it out!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Here we go!

So, Mommy has found something new to get stuck on! I see so many families with cute blogs keeping everyone up to date and I thought it was my turn to start. I hope this is as easy as it looks although I shouldn't have much of a problem. Well, here we go!