Thursday, September 25, 2008

We Feel Icky!

So, I made chicken nuggets last night for dinner. Shortly afterwards I felt nauseous. I laid in bed for 3 hours before vomiting and realizing I had a temp of 102. So, It's now nearly 1 am and I finally fall asleep. 4 o'clock rolls around and Anthony runs out the room... now he's vomiting with a 101 temp. 5:45 now and he calls his boss to tell him he won't be in. Back to the bathroom for both of us for another puke session... YUCK!!! I called poison control... he said it does sound like food poisoning. GREAT! I think we've pretty much ruled out stomach flu because a) nobody we know is sick b) Aidan isn't sick and c) we both got sick within hours of each other. We both still feel terrible. I still have a fever of 102.1 and Anthony is asleep. I feel so icky! To top it all off, I want some sleep too, but Aidan Baidan is being stubborn and won't take a nap right now!

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