Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Future Travels

So, we have finalized our plans for Thanksgiving and will be visiting my mom. As much as I enjoy the holidays planning them becomes stressful. Anthony and I have no family in town which makes it difficult. I am a firm believer that holidays should be spent with family. Granted, we now have a family of our own but I still enjoy the holidays with our other family members. So, Thanksgiving at my mom's, and we might be spending Christmas in the Tri-Cities with Anthony's family... hopefully we will be in California come the end of February to see my family there too. It just gets so expensive to travel. To fly to my mother's we are spending $140 because we split the bill with her, to Tri-Cities we will be spending roughly $120 and to go to California we will spend about $464. OMGoodness, It is just so expensive to travel. We have no option though. It is hard for our families to make it out here to see us, so if we want to see them we have to suck it up.

WOW, I feel better after venting!

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Robyn said...

Great way to keep in touch Ashley! I can't believe how big Aidan is already, savor these moments they go by so very fast!
Hugs, Aunti Robyn :)