Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Help Find a Cure

I just found out that my 46 year old Aunt has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. This cancer has spread throughout her body and she is told will soon claim her life. Her father, my grandfather, passed away due to cancer 2 years ago. His wife, my grandmother, was diagnosed with breast cancer years ago and has since recovered. My other grandmother was also diagnosed with breast cancer and is now in remission.

This most recent diagnosis of terminal cancer in my family has made me stop to take a look at my life. I know I need to make some changes towards a healthier lifestyle so I can be around to see my own grandbabies! One of the ways to do this is to participate in cancer events or even donate towards their cures!

This being said, please check out my Mom's new website for Breast Buddies! Feel free to sign the guest book or even visit their team page and make a donation! Thank you!

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