Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Doctor's Appointment

So, my first appointment was Thursday and went well. So far, our due date is December 1st! I'm excited for a winter baby to dress up in warm and snuggly outfits! YAY!

My doctor and I had a chat about weight gain during pregnancy. As long as I am eating HEALTHY calories, I could not gain a pound and be just fine. My limit is 10 pounds, as in my own personal limit. There is no reason if I start exercising, like I should have been FOREVER ago, and eating right that I have to gain a single pound (because if I wasn't prego, I would be losing it). Anyways, I am really hoping that after setting that goal I can keep up with it!

When I was pregnant with Aidan, I was sick from sun up to sun down, absolutely miserable!!! This time around, I only have mild nausea in the evenings. My doctor's optimistic suggestion, perhaps the difference is a sign of a baby girl! I can only hope so!!! Of course, we will be happy with any baby, most especially a healthy one, but that won't stop me from hoping for a little princess!!!

Next Friday, ultrasound day to determine my actual due date. It two weeks from my expected period to get a positive test which points to my ovulation being off. This means, I am anywhere from 5-7 weeks. So, we will see on Friday!!!

One more thing, if I am pointing to my body parts and asking Aidan to name them, can you guess what he says when I point to my tummy? "BABY!!!!" It's too cute!


Anonymous said...

I hope we can meet up a ton this summer at parks and stuff... hey how about this spring too? :)

Trippleaaa said...

This summer should be great to get together at the parks. As far as this spring goes, I am in school in the mornings but we can always shoot for the afternoon!