Monday, May 3, 2010

Yet Another Appointment :)

So, I have another ultrasound tomorrow. I am excited to get a good view of our little one as well as hear that strong steady heartbeat! I am so happy to not be plagued with morning sickness 24/7 as I was with Aidan. It hits me every few days for a few hours then goes away when I head to bed :) I do not know how I would have coped with being sick 24/7 and going to school and chasing Aidan... I give a BIG pat on the back to those poor friends of mine who survived terrible sickness with their pregnancies and their toddlers!

However, this pregnancy is leaving me with the most awful taste in my mouth. As our friend Tracy put it, it tastes like POISON!!!! I have done some research and it seems to be related to an improper Ph balance in my mouth. It does seem that eating some sort of fruit helps to alleviate the problem. I learned very quickly that brushing your teeth, only makes it worse! (Don't worry, I'm still brushing my teeth).

So, I have seriously lacked any connection in pregnancy symptoms with both of my pregnancies. My greatly optimistic ARNP, Sarah, says that perhaps this means I am carrying a girl. Along with a few other friends. Did you notice a difference between pregnancies with different genders?

On another note, I am sort of freaking out. Aidan is going through this fabulous stage of MAJOR defiance and it is driving me up a wall. I am beginning to wonder if I will even have the patience to deal with a nearly 3 year old and infant at the same time. (Insert kind, reassuring thoughts/words here). I am hoping that this is completely normal. Kind of like cold feet before a wedding? I mean, I do still have almost 8 months to go, Aidan will get better soon, right? At some point my hormones will even out after the new baby. Oh boy!

One last thing, family. I am thoroughly freaked out by the fact that I am fairly sure I will have a huge lack in help from our family after the new baby is born (not because they don't want to, of course). I have heard from friends who recently had their 2nd child that their family was of great assistance the first week or two with two children in the house. Well, my sister is the only person who lives in town. My mom lives near Seattle (and a baby due in December means snow on the pass). My fabulous step mom lives in California and I think even if she wanted to be here, she just couldn't pull it off. There isn't a single grandparent of mine who I would want here to help with a new baby. As for Anthony's family, I'm sure his mom would come for a day or two but I don't see much more then that. Maybe I should bite the bullet in the next couple months and actually discuss this with them!

Then again, plenty of woman don't have any help and do just fine! I really think it is all of these hormones getting to me and making me fret over silly things! I just feel like having a second child is a new realm of motherhood, almost equal to being a first time mom!

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