Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Trip!

We are home! We had a fantastic time! It was great to see my family and Aidan enjoyed re-meeting everyone! He enjoyed crawling all over their house. He learned how to climb up and down the stairs and how to crawl... the real way! LOL! He also figured out how to actually wave "bye-bye". He learned how to make "air kisses", noise and all! He started saying Mama and spent the whole week growling. LOL!

It was a blast to watch him play with his uncles, they absolutely enjoyed him! My brother Ryan nearly broke his ankle while we were there. Come to find out, he has a class 3 sprain. The doctor told him he would have been better off if he had broken his ankle and even offered to break it for him so he could simply set it, cast it, and be on his way. Anthony went fishing for 2 days while we were there and enjoyed it! He even brought home a bass one night and let Aidan touch it... he thought it was cool!

I took too many pictures! I am going to save myself some time and simply load them onto facebook. I will have some more coming as soon as I get the rest that my step mom took. I will post a couple from our trip to the beach.

My little brother Levi turned 7 on Sunday so we also had a little celebration for Aidan since they won't make it up here next month. We lit a candle on a cupcake and sang Happy Birthday to Aidan. He devoured the cupcake! He literally shoved his face in it!

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