Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Yes, that's right... ROAD TRIP! We are heading to California, two weeks from tonight! We are piling ourselves and our stuff in our NEW car at 8 pm and driving straight through to beautiful Crescent City, CA. We are going to visit my dad, step mom, brother Ryan and brother Levi. I am SO excited. Anthony not so much. He is concerned about something happening to our car. We put in a new timing belt and had the water pump replaced yesterday, Anthony is installing new brake pads this weekend and we gave it a fresh oil change. So, other then some unforseen thing happening (like a blown tire or a rock breaking something) we should be fine. He's just concerned that we don't have the money for large repairs and he doesn't want to be stranded. He will be one grumpy man if something happens! Wish us some safe driving!

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