Sunday, October 12, 2008

My First Day at Work

Saturday went well! I like most of the girls that work there. It is certainly the best job for me right now. It totally fits our schedule and while I'm not making much, it's enough to make ends meet for us! Saturday was a busy day in there. For those of you that are familiar with Other Mother's, I am not looking forward to the next quarter sale! However, I do get all quarter sale items for free. Anything cute I see I will have to grab... I'm sure I can find somebody from Mommy and Me who will fit into it! My favorite store has now become my place of work, I couldn't ask for much more in a job!

Anthony seemed to do fine watching Aidan while I was at work. Aidan just loves his time with Daddy. Tomorrow will be a different story when I leave him with Thi, our childcare provider! I'm gonna cry right now thinking about it. It was hard enough to leave him with Anthony for 4 hours, I can't imagine how tomorrow will go! Oh well, I will get over it soon.

Thanks Linda for asking how things went!


Domrese Family Blog said...

The first couple days are the hardest. But it DOES get better! Trust me! I tried to make sure that I enjoyed it as much as possible. The ability to play my music in the car as loudly as I wanted to was my favorite part! :)

Aunti Robyn said...

Congratulations on your new job! Sounds absolutely peachy and just the right fit for your return to work plan...I'll keep you all in my prayers!