Thursday, October 30, 2008


So, we are moving forward with our wedding plans! We are planning on getting married at the church out in Otis Orchards and then having the reception at Anthony's boss' house (in his backyard). We are going very relaxed with the reception and doing a big bbq basically. I think this will save us oodles of money and give us the ability to relax afterwards. We're getting married June 20th of next year.

Anthony keeps saying that the wedding is 8 months away.. why am I worrying about it now. Well, I am a planner for big events and enjoy it. Also, from what I've heard.. the earlier you plan things the easier it will be. I hope so. Is 8 months too far in advance for planning things? I've picked out invitations and our "save the date" cards. I've also picked my wedding dress.

I still have so many things to work on... like a budget! LOL! At least we chose a town to have it in already! I have other things to think about... but that will come. For now, I am working on the fun things!

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Marty, Rhenda and Anna said...

Sounds exciting, Ashley! Enjoy the process. I think it's wise to start early. Less stress.
Your blog is looking very cute!