Tuesday, January 20, 2009

10 on Tuesday!

It's Ten on Tuesday time again!

1. Aidan has figured out how to pull himself up! YAY! Maybe not YAY! This means he will be cruising soon and shortly after that, walking. I am excited but I knwo what it means. It's funny, with kids you want so bad for them to learn new things, but once they do, you wish they didn't know how!

2. Aidan Baidan has a cold.. again. I feel like I must be doing something wrong, he always seems to get colds! I went and bought a humidifier tonight... hopefully it will give us BOTH a better night sleep!
3. I am so ready to quit my job. Our boss has unreal expectations of us and it drives me nuts. To top that off, if we don't meet her expectations, rather then confronting us about it, she talks about us to our coworkers! She totally feeds off of her employess gossipy nature and it drives me NUTS! It's pretty bad when she comes and tells me all of the clothes behind the counter need to be hung and put out because she doesn't want to hear Sam (an employee with senority who practically runs the store, does payroll and such) yell at her all day tomorrow about it! HELLO! YOU are the OWNER, why does an EMPLOYEE yell at you about things? Why can't I hang and put out the clothes because YOU want me to, not because YOU don't want to be yelled at by your subordinate! UGH!
4. Jackie (Anthony's mom) and Lisa (Anthony's sister) are coming on Thursday to stay the night with us. Lisa lives in Montana and Jackie in Tri-Cities. They are using our house as a meeting point because Jackie purchased the puppy Lisa wanted and they are meeting up so Lisa can get it!
5. Aidan is moving into size 12 clothes. I hate that inbetween stage where most of one size is too small and most of the other is too big! 12 months fit great AROUND but are too long. UGH! On the other hand, it is fun to pull a new wardrobe out for him!
6. While switching wardrobes I got rid of some of his clothes that are too small (I save the really nice ones and donate the rest). Anyways, my favorite charity is across town, so I figured I would simply post them on Craigslist for free. Well, we met a lady with a heart breaking story. She is 45 with two mostly grown children already. She has had her tubes tied for 15 years now and was engaged to be married to her new fiance. Well, he died last week of some disease while doing missionary work out of the country. This might sound a little cheesy and made up, but you really should have seen the tears pour down this lady's face as she told me about him. Well, their son is due in 2 months and now as she tries to pick up the pieces after his death she is also playing catch up and trying to prepare for the baby. Needless to say, I threw in a little more then those clothes. I has an extra papasan chair and a cradle that I gave to her as well.
7. Anthony got his HAIR CUT!!!!! YAY! It was getting so long. He looks superb!
8. Our taxes should be back between Thursday and Wednesday.... ONE STEP CLOSER TO OUR CAR!
9. We saw "My Best Friends Girl" last night, It has Kate Hudson, Dane Cook, Jason Biggs and Alec Baldwin. Very good romantic comedy. These kind of movies are perfect for us. It has the comedy for Anthony and the romance for me!
10. Aidan is teething and those top teeth are trying so hard to come through! We have been up between 5 and 6 times a night for the last week. I am tired, worn out and grouchy. So is Aidan. I am getting nervous that because this has gone on this long Aidan won't resume his great sleep schedule when the cut through. I hope he does, I would like full nights of sleep again! Perhaps, Anthony will just learn how to get up with him!

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