Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

So, I am going to give this a shot. I know a couple of people who do this as well. We'll see how long I keep it up. I might also try wordless Wednesday just to get myself blogging a little more.

1. Aidan has become quite the fit thrower. He throws them at nap time, he throws them when I walk away to get his bottle, when I suck out his nose and I'm sure there are other times. He has certainly learned how to turn on the tears!

2. Anthony has had 4 days off in three weeks. He has been working so hard moving snow! It's sad that the winter is his time with Aidan and he doesn't get to see him much with a work-at-night, sleep-during-the-day schedule.

3. With Anthony working, we have enough saved up to put down half of a new car, well, new to me!

4. I have not worked since the week before Christmas and I am dreading going back tomorrow. I got used to being home with my boys!

5. While I may have been stuck in the house for nearly three weeks (most of the time), my house is a disaster! Something about being indoors just zaps my energy to get anything done.

6. I found a fantastic present for my Dad's birthday Next week! YAY!

7. I am so close to getting rid of our kitten. He drives me nuts! He is the highest energy kitten I have EVER had! At the moment, he crawled under the couch to retrieve some bead garland from our Christmas decorations and is dragging it around the house like a puppy!

8. Grocery shopping is much needed in my house, so I am going out today. Wish me luck, I hope the store isn't as busy today as it was this weekend! I mean really, the snow has been around for three weeks, how long do they need to keep the Wal-Marts in Spokane closed?

9. We are starting our "healthy eating" kick this week. I hope it sticks. I am terrible about starting something like this and not following through. I really hope to drop some weight in time for our wedding in June!

10. Aidan is learning more and more by the day! His newest trick.. spitting his food out! I don't mean just pushing it out with his tongue... I mean SPITTING it!

WOW, ten things are harder then they seem. However, it really got me thinking about things. For instance, I am going to go make my grocery list!

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The 4 Martells said...

Hi Guys - Sounds like you have had a fun couple of weeks. Did you get your new car? I am so proud of you two. You sure have done good together!