Saturday, January 10, 2009


Work was eventful. As Ashlynn and I were closing the store last night a cop pulled into the parking lot. She joked with me that the cop was there to talk to me. Well, she walks back outside to bring in the strollers and the cop DOES walk up to her asking if everything is okay inside. He came in explaining that one of our customers had called saying that a guy with a gun had tried to rob her in the parking lot. We were baffled, we had seen nothing and heard nothing. There were three cops sitting in our parking lot trying to figure things out. We got back to closing and when I left, they even had the back road blocked off at both ends. WEIRD! Anthony insists I need to start carrying mace. Can you imagine if that guy had come INTO our store instead of trying to rob the lady in the parking lot?

On another note, Anthony had his first basketball game last night. He is playing basketball through church. While basketball is very obviously not his sport, he enjoys the exercise and is the fastest guy on the team. He has decided it can't hurt to shoot more often whether he makes it or not. You certainly can't make it if you don't shoot! Aidan enjoyed the first 5 minutes of the game, after that, he was cranky having to sit in my lap for near an hour. I think next week we'll only stay for the first half of the game.

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