Friday, January 23, 2009

Family Visit

We had a great time with Jackie and Lisa! The little puppy is so darn cute. She weighs less then a pound and Aidan was having a blast with her! She was trying to be fierce and play with Aidan and he grabbed a hand full of her hair and lifted her straight off the floor. They were too cute! We also met Lisa's boyfriend Matt, he is a pretty cool guy. We all headed to Tomato Street for dinner and ate for free! Matt had ordered a prochiuto wrap WITHOUT the honey mustard dressing, our waitress even joked about putting honey mustard dressing on his salad instead. Anyways, it came with the dressing and Lisa and Jackie's dinners were cold. So, they comped our meal. It was nice. We also had a babysitter come over last night. She was great and we really like her! Well, I am rambling, so I am headed off to bed.

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