Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Aidan was up 4 times last night! I think he might be getting his teeth in. Maybe. I am a tired Mommy and a grouchy Daddy just left for work!

2. I have a found a neat website called flylady.net that is wonderful! She has an entire plan for getting your house in order, cleaned and decluttered! I will be starting her program this week, as soon as I go buy myself a timer. She focuses on creating good habits and FLY stands for Finally Loving Yourself.. a terrific concept!

3. Aidan has an appointment at the doctor this morning. I forgot to schedule his follow up for his ear infection 3 weeks ago (so my appt should have been a week ago) plus, he has had a cough that has been around for at least 3 weeks and he is sounding a little wheezy.

4. I have not gotten my car yet. We have decided to wait until our taxes are back so we can get a discount by paying cash upfront. I cannot help but look at cars though and have 3 right now I really would like to go check out. However, I realize it is pointless when they probably won;t even be around when we have the money!

5. We have been having a great discussion on our Mommy and Me boards about the modern day woman's expectations of her husband. This great discussion has given me some wonderful insight on relationships, more specifically, mine and Anthony's. I am eager to take this new insight along with my new cleaning and organizing routine and smooth out the bumps here at home. Hopefully making both Anthony and I happier people. Afterall, a good relationship is one that it is always evolving, changing and one that is WORKED on!

6. Aidan said "Mama" last night. He said it one more time and is now back to syaing "Dada". UGH!

7. Anthony finally moved his weight set inside the house from the garage and is eager to start using it again.

8. I am not looking forward to going to work tomorrow after last weeks event. BLEGH!

9. Our son has found the little door stopper behind his bedroom door that goes "BOING". It is my secret weapon to get Anthony out of bed in the morning! Our bed is right on the other side of that wall! HEHE!

10. I am going to sign off so Aidan and I can get to Walmart for cold medicine for Mommy, diapers and a timer.

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